Cpm construction acronym

Acronyms are pretty popular right now in all industries, and the construction industry is no different. Construction acronyms have always been around, due to the nature of construction drawings, complex terms and the need to condense important construction terms and jargon.

Knowing your construction acronyms can be really important for anyone in the industry, as acronyms are used generously and across many different phases and activities involved in a construction project.

You can need to decipher and understand acronyms on drawings, or need to quickly interpret acronyms on the fly in meetings.

We've covered some of the main construction acronym categories for you below, so that your acronym game is on point.

cpm construction acronym

If you have a suggestion for any other construction acronym categories, please let us know and we'll add it to the ever-growing list of construction acronyms. Floor plans are filled with construction acronyms because of the size constraint associated with a floor plan. When a lot of information needs to be squeezed onto a much smaller scale, acronyms do a great job of explaining what things are without overloading the plan or document with text.

Here's some of the more common and useful floor plan acronyms. ASPH - Asphalt, one of the easier construction acronyms to figure out on the spot. B - Basin, a single B can even mean something amongst construction abbreviations and acronyms.

BK - Brick, bricks are usually pretty self-explanatory, as they are usually large in number and very frequently used. This isn't an exhaustive list of floor plan acronyms, and you can find many other acronyms floating around the internet, to help make your floor plan and construction acronyms easier to understand and use.

cpm construction acronym

Architectural activities are filled with acronyms and jargon, which were and are established early in the architectural journey - particularly in architecture drawings. While you may not have much to do with the architectural drawing side of construction acronyms, it can still prove very valuable for any one working in the industry.

FD - Floor drain or fire department - make sure you know which acronyms it means here. FND - Foundation - one of the most 'foundational' acronyms in the business of construction. HVAC - Heating, ventilating and air conditioning - an acronym which has become mainstream. NIC - Not in contract, some acronyms are related to outside forces and not materials or designs.

SSTL - Stainless steel - sometimes acronyms across the construction industry can be a little different. Even floor plan diagrams and architectural drawings can use different acronyms for the same thing. Architectural drawing diagrams can take a lifetime to get to know, and most architects start them early. But having a basic understanding can prove helpful and inform other areas of your construction knowledge. The common theme of construction blueprints being front and centre of drawing and diagram related construction documents continues.

Blueprints also have a bunch of acronyms which need decoding:. J-box - Junction box, and important and commonly used construction acronym for electricians and related trades. B - Top of beam - Similar to the bottom of acronyms B.

There are a number of other blueprint acronyms of course, but many of them have been covered in previous construction acronym sections. As you become more and more knowledgable about your construction acronyms, you'll see more and more overlap across activities. The civil engineering 'part' of the construction industry has some of its own construction acronyms, but many of them are of course related to or covered by the other sectors as well.

Civil engineers are often working off the architectural drawings and blueprints, so many of their acronyms feed off of these prior activities. Some of the more common construction acronyms and abbreviations used in civil engineering include:. AE - Assistant engineer, not an account executive in construction acronyms, which is the more common business abbreviation.

Construction project management is at the heart of the construction industry, and it has its fair share of construction acronyms. While not as technical or drawing focused as some of the other acronym categories, construction project management and the people who work in this area essentially everyone have figured out a number of ways to simplify and abbreviate some of the more common project management words:. The acronym may be more of a mouthful than the words. CPPC - Cost plus percentage of cost.

Any time you see a construction acronym with CP, it's most often cost-plus something. CWBS - A common and important acronym for project management - the contract work breakdown structure.Cost per thousand CPMalso called cost per mille, is a marketing term used to denote the price of 1, advertisement impressions on one web page. Cost per thousand CPM is the most common method for pricing web ads in digital marketing.

The method relies on impressions, which is a metric that counts the number of digital views or engagements for a particular advertisement. Impressions are also known as "ad views.

While an impression measures how many times an ad was displayed on a site, it does not measure whether an ad was clicked on. The click-through rate CTR measures whether an ad was clicked on, representing the percentage of people who saw the ad and clicked on it. CPM represents one of several methods used to price website ads. Another pricing model is cost per click CPCwhere the advertiser pays each time a website visitor clicks on the ad.

Cost per click is also known as pay per click PPC. Cost per acquisition CPA is where the advertiser only pays each time a website visitor makes a purchase after clicking an ad. Different pricing methods are more appropriate for some ad campaigns than others. CPM makes the most sense for a campaign focused on heightening brand awareness or delivering a specific message. In this case, the CTR matters less, since the exposure from having an ad prominently placed on a high-traffic website helps promote a company's brand name or message, even if visitors do not click on the ad.

Website publishers like CPM advertising because they get paid for just displaying ads. Rates for social media advertisinghowever, tend to be higher. Companies focused less on mass appeal and more on promoting a product to a niche audience gravitate toward CPC or CPA advertising since they only have to pay when visitors click through to their site or purchase the advertised product. It is possible for the number of ad impressions to differ from the number of visitors to the website displaying the ad.

For example, an ad might receive placement in two locations on a website, such as a horizontal banner across the top of the page and a vertical side banner alongside the page's text.

In this scenario, the advertiser pays for two impressions per page view. Criticism of CPM often stems from the challenges of accurately counting impressions.

Some advertisers question if they are being charged fairly. Problems arise regarding duplicate views from the same visitor or Internet bots short for "robots" visiting sites and skewing the total number of views.

Construction – Construction acronyms

Also, if an ad fails to load or incompletely loads, then these ads should not be counted as impressions. Advertising fraud can happen when an unscrupulous site owner uses automated scripts to send traffic to a website with the purpose of increasing the number of views.We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe. If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly.

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Cost Per Thousand (CPM)

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cpm construction acronym

Rate it:.But across the industry there are varying descriptions for each. They are not the same. BIM has two attributes. Together, they form smart objects that are "parametric" in nature.

So if the data changes, the geometry changes with it. AND Vise Versa. What makes this BIM is the attributes like the length, width, and height, manufacturer, etc. When the information changes, the model changes which also means that it is parametric for us nerds. Our design partners develop a building information model in order to extract 2D contract drawings or the design intent. It is interesting that even in this description, the term is used as both noun and verb.

The origin of the term is in form of a noun. From Mortenson perspective, VDC is simply a visual management methodology using BIM as part of our proven construction analysis and work processes. The construction team core work processes are scheduling a project, estimating a project and analyzing the design for constructability. Note this definition is clearly a process using BIM as a key component. Here is a traditional view of a critical path CPM project schedule.

Each row you see is a set activities that has a start and end date. Makes perfect sense right? What would you rather build from? Get the idea? It allows the project team to develop a virtual prototype similar to automotive, aerospace industries to drive increased certainty of design and building process! The other is using the output of VDC process to execute the work. Getting the information into the field is a critical success factor!

This leads to effective team collaboration. What do you think.Copyright AcronymFinder. Suggest new definition. References in periodicals archive?

CPM also brings high parental compliance and positive stakeholder perceptions, while improving judicial efficiency, according to the report. Report: CPM is effective in child welfare cases. CPM Monitoring TM presents data for live and recent calls, such as health status and detailed quality metrics of multi-vendor, multi-device UC call and conference technologies from on-premise to cloud, from new to legacy environments.

CPM allows UC teams to resolve issues faste. CPI workers accused the CPM of taking credit for relief supplies sent to the state from across its border and giving the wrong impression that relief materials were being collected by the CPM. Kerala ruling party accused of siphoning off aid.

Each information symbol is multiplied by a finite-length pseudorandom spreading sequence to form baseband spreading signals, which are then used as input to the CPM modulator. Ralph proposes a practical CPM Framework consisting of fourteen options for CPM engagement, ranging from lobbying and advocacy to shuttle diplomacy to sharing crucial resources and expertise.

Private sector potential: a review of Natalie Ralph's "peacemaking and the extractive industries". The district initially said CPM textbooks would be purchased using donated funds. Math curriculum to be scrutinized. Preventive mastectomy adds complications. Violence unleashed. CPM and BI provide opportunities: the Gartner-FERF technology issues for Financial Executives survey provides a consistent picture of the chief financial officer's view of technology and presents an important opportunity for organizations to benchmark their own internal initiatives and perspectives to those of other finance organizations.

The CPM program's primary goal is to improve the performance of public-sector managers and the organizational performance of federal, state, and local government employees. The National CPM program: expansion of a model certification program in Texas and across the United States holds promise for public-sector work-forces around the world.

Managing strategy. Acronyms browser? Full browser?The critical path method CPM is a popular scheduling technique in the construction industry due to its simplicity and effectiveness. It also determines critical activities requiring attention so that the project can be completed on time.

A CPM lists all activities in a project and includes information about how long each activity will take and how each relates to the completion of other activities. Consider a simple example of a project with three activities:.

From these basic details, we know that the fastest the project can be completed is six months because Activities A and B each will take half that time, and B cannot be started until A is complete. To meet that six-month timeframe, it is critical that Activity A is started first so that Activity B can be started immediately afterward. Activity C is less critical and can be completed during any two-month window during the six-month timeframe. This, of course, is a very stripped-down example.

Most projects are more complex, with more overlapping and interconnected activities. Because of all of those moving parts, a CPM can improve efficiency at achieving project results while delivering them on time, and should include all work specified in the contract documentsincluding all expected activities of subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, and other parties associated with the construction of the project.

Building a CPM takes six basic steps. Start by developing a list of activities for the project, normally obtained from the work breakdown structure or the project scope and details.

Sequence and duration will be added in subsequent steps. Activities are tagged by name, coding, accounting string, or other identifier and must have a duration or target date in the case of milestones. A complete and thorough understanding of the sequence of the activities is needed to prepare and connect the list of activities prepared in the previous step.

The project or construction manager needs to understand the activities that are linked or related so that they can show the proper connections in the schedule. Contractors sometimes fail to identify these relationships, causing delays and other problems during project execution.

The CPM evolves from summarizing all defined activities and showing the interdependencies between them. All critical work sequences need to be linked with logical coordination and planning. The CPM format should be based on calendar days as a main planning unit. A CPM schedule should avoid using working days, as such an approach is more likely to lead to confusion and errors. Using previous experience, project time estimates for how long it will take to complete activities for a single resource unit.

The critical path is the longest duration path through the network. Activities located on this path cannot be delayed without delaying the project.Nice app and very helpful.

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Construction – Construction acronyms

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